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Welcome, this is the page of Amelaye's BioPHP project. This non-profit and open-source PHP library is freely inspired by the long-date and unmaintened project BioPHP (another page here). I just undusted the code, made my own librairy, frameworks compliant, Composer manageable, available in GitHub, made with Symfony4.
As said in the initial project, "why have PHP in the first place when there is Perl, Java, Python, etc.?", because I just think that PHP is a surprising and more and more evolutive langage :)

Some more features will be available : Unit tests and Code Coverage, stats about code maintenance, PHPDoc ... Plase, just be patient, this website and the library is now on working progress ...

Take it on GitHub

Alpha version available ! Please be careful : this is an alpha verion, quite unstable. Adjustements will come in the next days :)

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Simple of use

Install Amelaye's BioPHP very easily, writing just one line and you can go on with your bioinformatics modern application !

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Server-side API

You can use my server-side API to have sample data about proteins, DNA, whatever, and play with my application ! So simple, I created it with API Platform. If you prefer your own API, never mind ...

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About me

Amélie DUVERNET aka Amelaye, French developer since 2003, PHP certified, and speaker in evenements. I'm an addict about informatics and PHP but also about Photography, Biology and Cryptocurrencies !

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Organisation of the differents parts

The library is still under development, but you can see what it could be like :)

This will be divided into 4 parts :

Mapping your Bio databases into BioPHP
(Swissprot, Genbank and more)

The library is still under development, but you can see what it could be like :)

Database recognition is automatic. Just put your file inside and it will be recognized.